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TurboSiphon TurboSiphon

Engineered with an unsurpassed flow rate, the Turbo Siphon is the fastest fuel transfer system available, making it easier than ever for you to spend more time on the water, road or trails and less time driving back to the gas pump.

Its clean-flow design does two things: first, dripping spills are virtually eliminated while no pouring is needed, and second, you are never sucking hazardous fumes into your lungs. The attached blow tube and seal use your breath while you exhale, rather than inhale, to pressurize the can and start the fuel flow.

Our Price: $30.00
The TurboSiphon

Designed with a 1″ siphon tube, the TurboSiphon’s patented technology allows for maximum flow with the ability to adapt to a wide range of gas cans, including cans with very small nozzle openings. No other siphons can compare to the flow rate of the TurboSiphon.

How it Works

BLOW. . . . FLOW . . . . AND GO!

Poiseuille’s law for laminar fluid flow states that: Q=(P2•P1)•r4 / 8nl.

The physics of the TurboSiphon is cool, but you don’t need to know physics to use it. Just make a good temporary seal of the siphon cup and blow into the red-tipped tube – the siphon action will start! The TurboSiphon works based on gravity, so once the fuel flow has started, you no longer need to keep pressure on the cup.

• Place the fuel can higher than the boat or vehicle’s fuel tank.
• Straighten the tubing to ensure it reaches the bottom of the can.
• Pressurize can by blowing steadily on the red-tipped tube
• Do not leave the can unattended while fuel is flowing
• To stop the flow, lift the cup and tube out of the can

Consult product label for additional cautions. As always, be careful when handling fuel and never use the TurboSiphon around an open flame or heat source.